How do I deposit funds to my CenterPoint Canada account?

Please see your options by clicking here.

How do I set up an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) link with my bank account?

Please complete the form here and send to


My account was approved. Where do I go to start trading?

You should have received an email from us with instructions detailing your account funding and platform setup instructions. 

Do you automatically convert funds when I buy a US stock?

No. US securities will be purchased with USD in your USD account.

Do you allow trading on Canadian securities?

Currently we do not offer Canadian listed securities or inter-listed securities.

What US securities are available for trading?

CenterPoint permits trading on US listed securities. However, we do not allow trading in US securities where the issuer is also listed in Canada (inter-listed securities). 

Can I trade OTC/pink sheet symbols?

No, we only support trading in listed symbols. 

Does CenterPoint apply the same margin rules as most Canadian brokers?

CenterPoint complies with applicable Canadian regulatory requirements and provides margin as low as 30% on securities that are published on CIRO’s List of Securities Eligible for Reduced Margin. 

Are the commissions quoted in US dollars or in Canadian dollars? Is there an exchange rate difference?

Commissions are quoted in USD

Who do I contact if I have a trade problem?

Please contact our support team at +1-844-357-8283.

What is the best way to contact CenterPoint if I have a question?

For general inquiries, send an email to support at

For time-sensitive issues, please contact us by telephone at 1-844-357-8283.

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